Tell me about SeedSigner

What makes up a SeedSigner?

– Raspberry Pi Zero version 1.3 (not “W”)

– Waveshare 1.3 LCD Hat (240 x 240 pixels)

– Aokin / AuviPal/ (other) RPI Camera

– “Orange Pill” Enclosure

What does SeedSigner do right now?

– Calculate word 12/24 of a seed phrase based on user-provided values

– Calulate a full 24 word per seed phrase with 99 dice rolls

– Generate XPUB based on user-entered 12/24 word seed phrase

– Sign PSBTs via QR two-way code scanning (Specter only RN)

What problems does SeedSigner solve?

– Creates a secure, air-gapped environment for private key generation

– Enforces strict separation between private key storage and protocol software / internet

– Lowers the barrier cost of multi-sig security (from several hundred to < $50)

– (mainly targeted at holders making relatively few txns)

What is an “air-gapped” signing model?

Breaks the “wallet” into 3 components”

– Private key storage

– Signing device

– Wallet coordinator software

“Airgapped” might mean:

– USB/SD card transfer

– Infrared light transmission

– Two-way QR code exchange

Why is “air-gapped” important?

– “Device that aren’t USB-connected are potentially more secure than devices that are USB-connected …”

– Air-gapping allows for strict controls of what data is permitted as input & as output

Orange Pill Enclosure

Where to buy

You can visit on BTC Hardware Solutions to buy “Orange Pill” Enclosure

Make your own

Print it yourself, here’s the link

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