1. Raspberry Pi Zero (version 1.3)

2. WaveShare 1.3 inch LCD hat with 240×240 pixel display

3. Pi Zero compatible camera module

4. MicroSD Card with at least 4GB capacity

Raspberry Pi Zero

For a completely air-gapped solution, make sure to use the version 1.3 with no WiFi or Bluetooth capability, but any Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 or Zero model will work.

Note: Raspberry Pi that those do not usually come with pins attached; the pins will either need to be soldered on, or something called a “GPIO Hammer” can be used.

GPIO Hammer

If your soldering isn’t quite up to scratch, or you just don’t own a soldering iron yet, then you can use “GPIO Hammer” as an alternative to soldering.

Raspberry Pi Camera

Aokin / AuviPal 5MP 1080p with OV5647 Sensor Video Camera Module; other brands with the OV5647 sensor module should work as well, but may not be compatible with the Orange Pill enclosure.

Note: You will need to have a camera ribbon cable specifically compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero.

WaveShare LCD Hat

Waveshare 1.3″ 240×240 pxl LCD

Note: Choose the Waveshare screen carefully; make sure to purchase the model that has a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

Lets Build!

Fastest way to install the SeedSigner software is to flash the latest release image.

Component Purchase Links

Full seedsigner kit (with case, Pi zero 1.3, lcd hat & camera):

Worldwide: BTC Hardware Solutions (by SeedSigner)

 EU/UK: GoBrrr, DIYNodes


 Philippines: TechHaven

Raspberry Pi Camera:

EU/UK: GoBrrr

– North America: Amazon

– Philippines: TechHaven

Waveshare LCD Hat:

EU/UK: GoBrrr

– EU: Welectron

– North America: Waveshare

– Worldwide: AliExpress

– Philippines: TechHaven