1. Raspberry Pi Zero (v1.3 preferred, W acceptable)

2. WaveShare 1.3 inch LCD display w/ controls (must have a 240×240 pixel display)

3. Raspberry Pi Zero compatible camera module

4. MicroSD Card with at least 64MB capacity

Raspberry Pi Zero

For the highest assurance your signer is operating in network isolation, the Raspberry Pi v1.3 has no WiFi or Bluetooth capability. Any Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 or Zero model will however work with SeedSigner software.

Note: GPIO pins may not be already installed on your Raspberry Pi Zero; if not you can solder pins on yourself, or contact a local mobile phone repair shop that can easily attach the pins for you.

Note: The Raspberry Pi Zero W can be easily modified to permanently disable its wireless communication capability. You can find more info on this process HERE.

Raspberry Pi Camera

Two different camera profiles are commonly used with the Raspberry Pi Zero.

A more generic Raspberry Pi camera can be used, with a gold-colored cable that is compatible with Pi Zero (see image).

Smaller “Zero” style cameras are designed specifically for the Pi Zero and will also work with SeedSigner.

If you plan to install your hardware in an enclosure, make sure to double check which camera style your enclosure is designed to accommodate. 

WaveShare LCD Hat

Waveshare 1.3″ LCD Display + Controls

Note: Choose the Waveshare screen carefully — make sure to purchase the model that has a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

Lets Build!

Here is a demonstration of what the build process typically looks like:

Component Purchase Links

Full seedsigner kit (with case, Pi zero 1.3, lcd hat & camera):

Worldwide: BTC Hardware Solutions (by SeedSigner)


 Philippines: TechHaven

Raspberry Pi Camera:

EU/UK: GoBrrr

– North America: Amazon Type 1, Amazon Type 2

– Philippines: TechHaven

Waveshare LCD Hat:

EU/UK: GoBrrr

– EU: Welectron

– North America: Waveshare, Amazon

– Worldwide: AliExpress

– Philippines: TechHaven